Friday, 3 December 2010

"Since we've no place to go...

... Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"

Yep, my first encounter of the weather actually haulting production, sure we've had slow down before. But putting a complete stop to? Now that's an achievement.

So as the list of work continues to grow and grow the world continues to snow and snow (ok last use of repitition with snow, i promise). As we've all learnt over the years the frozen wonder falling from the skies brings with it a wonderful phrase children everywhere are able to cry out far too few times a year: 'Snow day!'. But those days too taught us that as we get older we also get more miserable.

Rather than run to the window looking for a winter wonder land in hope of spending the day wrapped up in front of a movie marathon, our view point somewhere along the lines gets twisted into thinking only of the horrors of traffic and somehow getting into the office. Ok, that may now quite be me.

I am however a little worried I've just lost a week of uni. Don't get be wrong, i've loved every minute of it... on the other hand though  it's not only knocked back any work i had to do with our studio project, but has also gone hand in hand with haulting The Water Woman that was due to start shooting tomorrow.

I'm sure i should have a reason for not spending this time locked in doors on constant blog updates... movie marathon anyone?

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