Monday, 22 November 2010

To Do

Ok, ill admit its been a while since i last posted. No doubt too long.
Turns out playing catch up on work youve missed takes alot of time! Who would of guessed!

So when in doubt, turn to a 'To Do' list:

- Batter's up, time to pitch!
  Specialism pitch needs to set done and sorted by the end of this week. And considering i recently opted to forget my original idea and charge forward with a new, currently undeveloped idea, i may have a lot of work to do.

- Counting sheep
  The Woolroom. With so much focus on getting the multi cam's script good to go, which no doubt i may rant about later, i've neglected my live Woolroom project a bit too much. So as soon as we're in need of; set locations, actors and the props we require. Hopefully this will alow us to set a date to start shooting.

- Who do you think you are?
  Character bios and a treatment. Ok this ones a little different, i've actually finished this one. Why am i still talking about it i hear you ask? Because i'm still waiting on the rest of the scriptwriters to get their's in! Fair enough it was only due in last thursday (please note a bit of sarcasm, it is after all monday now). It's starting to get a little unfair for the producers, and ofcourse the actors who are waiting on their actors packs.

Well wheres the fun in productions if there arent any set backs. Sure, i may require a weeks straight sleep with the sheer amount of late nights i've been having recently, but what else would i be doing at 4am other than storyboards?

So its time again to bury my head, block out the distractions that surround me and head back to my cave where no doubt i'll surface yet again holding another glimpse of that precious gem found only in the dark.

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