Thursday, 7 October 2010

Pull up a chair and lets get started

   Well i can't deny it's a little odd, and even a little daunting, sitting here and beginning to fill the white of the page with text for the very first time. I hope that with time this blog will grow to hold a decent record of my productions past.

   Now, currently im sitting here, 20, a second year student at Cleveland College of Art and Design (CCAD), with few achievements under my belt, but looking ahead. Looking at what's next, looking on to future challenges, future productions and future experiences. I'm looking on thinking of all the people I meet and all the people who will help me on the way, and no doubt at the time I'll be completely oblivious. So now, right now i want to say thank you, to all those people helping behind the scene, or to all of those people who keep things rolling while I'm so swamped that i don't even notice. Right now i say: Thank You.

   So lets get going, with all the actors to meet, all the camera's to focus and all the teams to pull it off. As cheesey as it is:

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